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The impacts of COVID19 have hit every home. 

Here's what we're doing to keep you safe...
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Updated: 01/26/2022


We have always prioritized the safety of our patients, and in the uncertain times brought on by COVID-19, this is no different. Since March 2020, we have been practicing the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and the American Dental Association as well as requirements from the State of Michigan for physical distancing and self-isolation in order to do our part in moving safely past this moment in history.


We have been carefully monitoring the situation (just like you) and can say that the in-office experience is certainly different from the one you experienced before the start of this public health crisis. Our priority is to ensure the environment for everyone is as safe as it can be at this time. We’re all in this together, learning together, and adapting together.

We continue to follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines to keep our employees and patients safe. We are making the following adaptations related to your experience:


  • You will be required to complete a digital form with COVID19 screening questions related to recent travel, possible exposure and any current health symptoms. You will be able to access this digital form through your patient portal.   

    • If you are unable to complete the screening form, your screening will be conducted via phone prior to your appointment.

  • A mask/face covering required for entry (please wear from the moment you exit your vehicle until told otherwise)

    • If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. Please let us know you need a mask immediately upon your arrival.


Until further notice, upon your arrival at the office, you can enter the building as long as you are properly wearing a face covering/mask and stay 6' distance from others in the office. For your reference, we've included the CDC's visual guide for Do's and Don'ts of mask wearing below.

a diagram show proper mask wearing protocol

 Source: The Center for Disease Control, 2021


If you have any questions regarding proper mask wearing, please visit the CDC's "Your Guide to Masks"

We encourage you to wash/sanitize your hands before coming to the practice, and — most importantly — stay at home if you are feeling sick. Please also note, no guests will be permitted in the building. If necessary, only one essential caregiver will be permitted (must meet all the above criteria). 

Our team’s safety: 

As of February 2, 2021 all the staff at Neal Family Dentistry have received their first and second doses of the COVID19 vaccine. Our staff will be equipped with personal protection equipment (PPE) that will make them look different when you arrive. During your procedure, all staff in the operatory will be equipped with: head covering, N95 mask, full face shield, and surgical gown (in addition to the standard PPE such as scrubs and gloves). 


When enter the building from your vehicle, and when you're escorted into an operatory, you will notice our practice also looks different. You will see:

  • Transparent barriers surrounding the front desk

  • Curtains at the door of each operatory

  • Extraoral suction units will be in use in most cases. These units consist of an arm placed near your face/mouth during the procedure. The purpose of these units is to acts as a vacuum to collect and sterilize any aerosols generated during your procedure. note: the use of these units does result in some additional white noise during procedures. 

  • Any aerosols not collected by the extraoral suction units will be sterilized by Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lights in the operatory after your departure. This, along with routine surface disinfection, ensures that the operatory is sterile for the next patient. 


Dr Neal holding covid vaccination card

If you have specific questions not addressed here, reach out to us. We’re still available to answer your questions and respond to any concerns, though do keep in mind, the response time might be a little longer than what you’re used to. Please know we are doing our best to accommodate each one of our patients as we schedule appointments. 


We will continue to carefully monitor the situation. We’re working diligently to adapt to new circumstances while planning for the future.  The most important thing is to make sure we conduct business in a way that reduces risks to both you and our team. Your health and wellbeing are the heart of our practice. We’re grateful to you, your ongoing patience and understanding, and that you continue doing your part to help our world safely advance through this continuing public health crisis.

If you are looking for a way to get your COVID19 vaccination or booster shot please visit the CDC We Can Do This website. Home self-testing is an important factor in mitigating the continued spread of COVID19. Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests from the US Government. The tests are completely free and can be placed at

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